Aircraft management is a field that blends the interests of the corporate-client relationship. The phrase “Non-use is abuse” rings loudly in the field of aviation. Everybody knows that a new car depreciates as you drive it off the lot. The rate of depreciation amongst aircraft is rapid and continuous. Through our aircraft management program, clients mitigate those losses by keeping their aircraft as active as possible. Some of the least frequent fliers actually generate income from Titan Aviation Group’s utilization when their aircraft is not needed for their personal use. This is why each aircraft management agreement is unique and catered to your needs.

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Unknown to many, the more hours the aircraft is in use, the healthier the engine is. After using Titan Aviation Group in aircraft purchase, ninety percent of clients engage us in a personalized aircraft management agreement. These agreements are customized to fit each clients’ specific needs and plans for aircraft usage. Titan Aviation Group assumes responsibility for all facets of the client needs and aircraft maintenance scheduling. Utilizing this service increases the worry free operation of a personal aircraft.

All pilots within the Titan Aviation Group’s aircraft management family are FAR Part 135 certified for commercial aircraft operation. This licensure requires a vigorous and thorough training along with continuous updates to ensure compliance. When possible, Titan Aviation Group matches pilots with clients for their own personal travel. This allows a relationship and familiarity with an aircraft. Over time this allows a client to learn about the characteristics of their aircraft. Many owners choose an aircraft management agreement with Titan Aviation Group while piloting their own aircraft. Some clients opt to use a FAR part 91 certified pilot that can be provided by Titan Aviation Group for personal flights. Utilizing Titan Aviation Group’s personalized aircraft management agreement enhances the value of the aircraft for the future. We will provide complete aircraft history logs and maintenance. We will be able to answer specific questions about the aircraft to potential buyers assuring you top return on your investment.

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