Enjoy Life !

A modernized approach to private jet charter.

Enjoy Life !

A modernized approach to private jet charter.

With limitless access to aircrafts worldwide, Titan Aviation Group provides an elite service and trusted experience to private flyers.

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    As a family owned enterprise, we take matters into our own hands to assure our flyers receive the highest level of customer service. From customized aircraft services to ground transportation, we will take excellent care of all your travel needs.

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    Dirk J Van Der Sterre

    In 2001 Dirk Van Der Sterre began his path in the aviation industry and founded the Titan Aviation Group, Dirk comes from a proud family line of successful entrepreneurs that places a high emphasis on reliability and quality. Today, Titan Aviation Group works closely with its clients to deliver the same legacy of service without restriction.


    Tony Siragusa

    Anthony Siragusa, nicknamed “Goose”, is a former National Football League defensive tackle who spent 12 seasons with the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens. After his football career, he worked as a sideline analyst for NFL games broadcast on the Fox Network from 2003 to 2015. Tony as an avid private flyer knew that there were many others like him that shared his same concern for consistent service and safety. In knowing how Titan Aviation Group aligned with his values, he became a partner and driver in supporting Titan Aviation Groups growth

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where Does Titan Offer Services?

    Our service and logistical reach is global. Our service handlers and associates are based all over the world to support our client flights from door to destination. Titan has established relationships with aircraft operators globally, so we can get you off the ground to almost any place in the world.

    Where Does Titan Offer Services?

    We accel in “On Demand” private jet charter and short notice flights. We also specialize in roadshows, tours, personnel extractions, disaster relief, group movement and Family Office support. Our 24 hour team oversees all aspects of our clients trip from point to point.

    Where Does Titan Offer Services?

    Titan offers a single point of contact for you and your family. We understand the need to be able to pull a family together quickly. The charter flyer community learned during COVID how important a private jet is when you need to bring everyone together on a moment’s notice. Our back office technology helps us support each individual’s needs, requirements, and keeps everyone connected during their travel.

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